How To: Structure Your Source Control Folders

Your source control folder is one of the topics that could debated amongst a team at the start of each and every project they tackle and someone will always have something different to add. This is why its important to stand on the shoulders of giants and follow Microsoft’s patterns and practices guidance on the subject which can be found here:

I’m going to take a copy of the folder structure and highlight a few things to take note of in particular:

  • The two folders named ‘Source’ – A lot of developers often question the need for this complexity and the one example I give is in when you might have a web app, android app and iPhone app ‘ultimately’ stored in same repository then thats where people can start to understand the value of the first ‘Source folder’.
  • The folders where the solution files should be – Most projects that I’ve worked on don’t have a solution file right under the main branch but when I have seen this is done is on a complex Biztalk project that had an over arching solution file that used in a complex build process.
  • Where your test projects should go – note the difference between where unit test should go and your other test (integration tests, acceptance tests, etc.).



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