Release of Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1

As I hope you know Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 is now live. It launched last week with a bang at NRF (National Retail Federation – the world’s largest retail trade show in New York). This marks a significant release of our new and exciting commerce based enhancements.

Below is summary of the release with some links to some great resources.

Release highlights:

  • Enhanced order management support:
    • Order lifecycle management.
    • Support for customer service representatives (CSR) and Customer-lead changes after order capture is complete (create, edit, hold, cancel orders based on policies)
    • Issue a Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
    • Represent product dependencies with cart sub line items.
    • Digital goods fulfillment based on entitlements including the ability to track a customer’s ownership or license to certain product types.
    • Plugin based extensibility
  • Enhanced pricing support:
    • Introduction of price books to simplify price management and integration scenarios.
    • Dynamic pricing by currency or date e.g. future date price changes.
    • Tiered pricing e.g. buy 1 at $98ea, buy 5 at $95ea, buy 10 at $90ea.
    • Ability to associate multiple products and manage a single price association(price card).
    • Workflow for price changes.
    • Ability to extend pricing functionality with plugins.
  • Enhanced promotion qualification and benefit support:
    • Introduction of promotion books similar to price books.
    • New promotion qualifications: Sitecore campaigns, channels, catalog items,  shopper profile attributes like previous order history, state and more
    • New promotion benefits: Order and order line adjustments, benefits based on order quantity, other products, free gift with purchase, adjustment of shipping and other fulfillment fee
    • Workflow for promotion changes.
    • Ability to extend promotion functionality with plugins.
  • Unified Business User Experience
    • Revised Merchandising Manager
    • New Customer and Order Manager (Sitecore SPEAK Interface)
    • New Pricing and Promotion Manager (Sitecore SPEAK Interface)
  • Architecture
    • Built Microsoft .Net Core
    • Micro–service based architecture
    • Implements compositional extensibility

Useful links:

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