Currency set ‘{4B494292-598E-4A61-A156-D7501F7953ED}’ was not found

While trying to install Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 if you receive this error it is due to your configuration. The Sitecore Commerce Engine is trying to make a request for its configuration in the Sitecore Experience Platform but can’t.


      "Text":"Management.block.getitemsbypath: One or more errors occurred.",
      "Text":"Currency set '{4B494292-598E-4A61-A156-D7501F7953ED}' was not found.",


Check some of these things:

  • Review the log file located in the commerce engines website log folder. It will give you further insights into the root cause.
  • Make sure all your Commerce Engine configuration files reflect your setup. Review this documentation for further details:
  • If you’ve made changes to the config files in Visual Studio, make sure they are deployed to the website.
  • If you’ve made changes to the config make sure you have re-bootstrapped the commerce engine to pull the changes into the global database. Also make sure you have restarted the app pool to flush caches.
  • Check you have enabled https with a valid certificate for the Sitecore CMS.
  • Check your unicorn sync worked correctly – there have been instances where incorrect module versions have been installed causing the sync to fail when lead to this issue.